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Designer Diaries: Runway Music

Under one month away! KCFW is just around the corner, which means.....rehearsals are coming up! Rehearsal time is the deadline for having music turned into our KCFW DJ! Each season, I listen to hundreds of tracks it seems, and compile a grouping of music that can be blended together by the DJ. Criteria for ME are 1) tracks that portray the right 'vibe' for the collection, 2) a good tempo to walk and keep pace with, 3) preferably no lyrics. The most difficult requirement is finding music with the same mood that keeps a steady walking pace. I've succeeded with this in the past, but was having trouble finding enough music without lyrics to blend.

When you have a problem, you create/find a way to solve it. During a casual 'jam session' with a few friends one evening (a few of us like to get together and play music), I found out that one of them creates instrumental music. Immediately, I inquired about collaborating on creating a 15+ minute track without breaks/pauses to use for my runway show. We began this research and discussion in late April. I began by creating a playlist of songs I liked and explaining why they weren't perfect...what needed to be different...likes and dislikes. Josh would create short riffs and send them for me to critique. Here we are 4 months later with a beautiful, even paced 20 min track for my show. I owe a HUGE shout out and thank you to Josh Russo for making this AMAZING track specifically for my collection. It turned out perfectly and I cannot wait for you to hear it on show day!

**The music on the blog post is not the music Josh created!


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