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Draping Patterns

Welcome back, and thanks for joining me again on Designer Diaries! If you've been following my posts, you've seen my sketching design process, fabric sourcing and selection, and design selection process, thus far. Since my previous entry, I was officially selected to design for KCFW S/S'17 in October '16, after an interview process. At this juncture, I will move forward with the creation of my collection for KCFW. I have now ordered all fabric, and can begin making my patterns.

There are two ways in which designers make their patterns -- draping and pattern making. Draping is done by using muslin and draping fabric directly on the form into the desired silhouettes, and marking 3-dimentionally. Patternmaking is done by taking a block pattern from the form, and cutting and retracing 2-dimentionally on paper. I am very visual, so draping works better for my thought process with creative design. I like to see exactly how the pattern will fit before cutting it out in actual fabric. Draping is my method of choice for MOST designs. I sketch all of my designs (as shown in video one), and drape the piece based on each sketch. This video will showcase my draping process of top pattern I am using as a base for a few designs in this collection. Enjoy!


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