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Style Selection

Hello, again! To sum up this entry, you will be seeing fabric selection, and the most critical part of the planning process, design selection. I ALWAYS include my mom in this process. She taught me to sew at the young age of eight, and she's been a huge support system my entire life. The one person I can count on for an honest opinion is MOM. I am so appreciative of her time to sit and listen to me explain all of the plans I have for each collection. So here it is.....our narrowing process. I have reduced the 2 hour process to around 5-6 minutes!

An additional noteworthy point: during the narrowing process, it is important to determine fabrics for each piece. It helps to be sure there is balance in the color and texture pallets, and prevents me from having too many similar pieces. During this phase, I finalize my designs, as well as assign the fabric for each look.


As always, please comment, like and SHARE! Give me your feedback! Thanks for all of your support.

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